“By nature, man is a political animal.” In Aristotle’s most well-known observation, “political” means the capacity for speech and reason. This has led to humans becoming social and technological animals, inventing and disseminating new kinds of tools that fundamentally alter our world and our engagement with it. It is what has moved the species along.

From fire to Tesla. Today, as in the past, technological inventions are reshaping human life. Many of our conceptions of what work looks like, how we communicate and trade, and even what constitutes a human being are unravelling before our eyes due to advances in technology. And now, more than ever, we need to leverage the Aristotelian part of our animal nature to build forward with purpose.

ByeHi Ventures is a venture studio and consultancy focused on helping clients best adapt to the changing technological landscape. We help build startups, educate executives, and design comprehensive strategies to help corporate, government, and nonprofit clients take advantage some of the most advanced technologies coming to market, among them blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital platforms, and the Internet of Things.

ByeHi Ventures is the umbrella entity that co-founders Tom Serres and Bettina Warburg created for the projects they are working on at the intersection of technology, politics, and broader societal change. Its teams are formed from an extensive network of professional peers, who take on projects germane to their areas of expertise and that require new thinking. Animal Ventures innovates with client companies and governments to develop minimum viable products and comprehensive strategies for innovation across technologies.